I am a Complementary Therapist (fully qualified and insured). I do CRYSTAL THERAPY: cleansing and balancing 13 chakras 5th Dimensional chakras, meridian+brain balance, negative blocks, spirals, realigning aura, complete grounding, childhood issue, resonance therapy (similar to regression/ past life regression), akashic records, cutting the cords off, clearing houses from spirit, attachments, psychic attack, negative entities and many more…
Also I am an  Angelic Reiki Master Teacher so I do  ANGELIC REIKI – hands-on healing…
Because I  am a PSYCHIC MEDIUM  I do readings: angel card reading, psychic reading  (from the aura or picture-photo) or spirit reading(talk to spirit). 

ONE HOUR session for reading is £40 depends how long it takes (also available via Skype, WhatsApp, Fb messenger, Viber), Crystal therapy £40, Angelic Reiki and distance work £30, children up to 12 years £25.What I do is my mission/life purpose and also my full-time profession. If you are interested in any of the services I provide, you are more than welcome. Angel love and blessings xxx

I  am based in Baldock, county Hertfordshire. Distance healing/session/ reading is also available via SKYPE, WHATSAPP, FB MESSENGER, VIBER.
Love and blessing. 

Maria x