It is important to remember that Angelic Reiki or Crystal Therapy does not ‘solve’ a problem for you. It simply gives you a new approach and the means of pulling all your energies together to move forward. Neither does cord cutting erase your memory from the past. It can help to remove hurt and pain, but memories by their nature cannot be erased. They are a part of who we are and make up our experience of life, the good, the bad, the joyful …

Memories need to be processed so that we can look back at them all, no matter how traumatic they were and observe them without the feeling of hurt, sadness, guilt, pain, remorse etc.


CRYSTAL THERAPY                                      £45 (up to 70 mins)

CUTTING   THE CORDS OFF                      £95 (advanced therapy, up to 2 hours)

TREATING CONTRACTS                              £50 (up to 80 mins)

AKASHIC RECORD THERAPY                    £95 (advanced therapy, up to 2 hours)

RESONANCE THERAPY (REGRESSION)  £95 (advanced therapy, up to 2 hours)

INNER CHILD WORK                                   £95 (advanced therapy, up to 2 hours)

PREGNANCY CRYSTAL THERAPY            £40 (up to 60 mins,)


REMOVING STUBBORN ENERGY (entities, psychic attacks… )      £50

SPACE CLEARING (By consultation only )

ANGELIC REIKI HEALING   (can include a past life journey)           £35   (50mins)

ANIMAL HEALING  (contact me for more info)

ONE TO ONE CONSULTATION                  £40 per 1hour

CHILDREN up to 12 years                            £30
a child must be accompanied by an adult  (parental or legal guardian)

Treatments and consultations are available in person or on distance.
I accept Cash, payment via PayPal and Bank Transfer or Card payment is also available.

DISTANCE WORK                                          £40 (In full in advance)
Distance/ remote healing is equally powerful for those comfortable with the idea that energy is not bound by time or space and healing can be sent anywhere in the world through the ether.

Any distance work (therapy, healing or consultation require full payment prior to the session via PayPal or Bank Transfer in full at the time of the reading.

Longer/ extended session: if you are having a distance session as therapy, healing or consultation and you wish to extend the time, the additional amount is payable immediately after the consultation/ session finish by PayPal or Bank Transfer. The session will not be extended if you do not have payment available.  Thank you.

I  am based in Baldock, county Hertfordshire. Distance session is also available via SKYPE, WHATSAPP, FB MESSENGER, VIBER, PHONE, EMAIL.